Who knows ….. personally I like early mornings as I can write without thinking of what is coming out on the computer (old fashioned paper does sound much better, but really is not what it is!)

Having your favorite cup of your favorite substance, playing your favorite music, surrounded by your favorite objects, if you bother to make an effort, isn’t this is the most pleasurable experience?

How to write about nothing and still write? Does nothing really exist? So many questions, so many thoughts, all passing by, sometimes holding for a few seconds, while the brain tries to figure out the correct spelling of a word…..

Is it better to write in the sunshine or on the rainy day? Depends how  melancholic or  upbeat one feels…..  Is it better to write facing your auspicious direction or trying to cultivate your best by putting oneself in the worst direction possible and still hope that you can produce something meaningful…

If you are reading this blog right now, I am deeply touched by your trust to spend a few minutes in my company …. Just to make it a bit meaningful for you here is the video from my latest performance of music by Max de Wardener: sometimes music speaks so much more then pages of words…..

Have a lovely day,