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German Sculpture Artist Alice W. Bakker Uses GéNIA’s Music In New Piece

German sculpture artist Alice W. Bakker has used GéNIA’s rendition of Adagio from the Piano Sonata by Sofia Gubaidulina in a piece combining both sculpture and dance. The concept behind the video is of a dancer meeting one of Alice’s sculptures. The meeting is very tender, as if she wants to awaken the sculpture. Her movements are a reaction to the fact that the sculpture is made of steel; frozen in its movement and is inspired by the moving lines in the sculpture and its expression, in such a way that both steel and human skin are merging together.

You can see the video by clicking HERE.


A poet Ned Swan features GéNIA in his poem “The Prodigy”

Poet Ned Swan was inspired to write this piece after attending GéNIA’s performance at the Hurlingham Club last month.

The Prodigy

I went to concert the other night


Chopin, Paganini, Rachmaninoff

Beautiful music

The pianist was so good

I could only sit there


She can’t really be playing this
Can she?

I mean not really

How can anyone’s fingers move like that?

But then everything changed

She began to play her own compositions.

Lovely, moving, uplifting music

More perfect than anything that
Had gone before

Not because of the technical brilliance
Of the playing

Although there was no dip
In the virtuosity of her performance

But the greatest beauty was
Celebrating her act of creation

No one could play this better

Because it was hers

And so it soared over us
Delicately, lovingly, expressively

Leaving anything that had
Been played before
Wilting in the following dust

While she carried us forward
On a journey
We had never undertaken before

Never could repeat again

Copyright Ned Swan 2014. All rights reserved: poem and photo

Julius Beltrame captures GéNIA’s music on camera!

Here is one of the lovely pictures that was taken when GéNIA was pre-viewing her EP ‘Dreams of Today, Thoughts of Tomorrow’ at The Hurlingham Club earlier this year. Captured by a thoughtful photographer Julius Beltrame this picture beautifully conveys the essence of the music.

GéNIA performing 'Dreams of Today, Thoughts of Tomorrow' by Julius Beltrame March 2014

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