As part of an ongoing collaboration and desire to promote new musical talent, coffee house chain Caffè Nero have begun airing pieces by GéNIA, composer and pianist, from her latest album ‘Dreams of Today, Thoughts of Tomorrow Vol.2’. Due to the popularity of GéNIA’s compositions Caffè Nero added ‘Mon Amour’, ‘Happy Planet’, ‘Departure’ and ‘Autumn Blues’ to their playlist worldwide in March 2015.

Caffè Nero and GéNIA have collaborated in the past, with GèNIA being named their classical artist of the month in January 2015 while jointly launching the very first classical concerts at Heathrow Airport.

GéNIA's EP ‘Dreams of Today, Thoughts of Tomorrow Vol.2’ was inspired by the idea of a cup of coffee, a daily ritual for many, allowing them to think about their plans for the future or reminisce over their past, which suits the ambience of Caffè Nero coffee houses.