GéNIA is delighted to announce the release of her new album ‘Babylon’ on the 29 March 2019 and launch it with a special performance on the 21 March 2019 in Shoreditch, London.

Described by the Times, as ‘an outstanding musician’ and by Gramophone as ‘ a charismatic pianist’, the pianist and composer GéNIA is excited to invite her audience to the trendy and cosy Treehouse loft, located in the heart of Shoreditch, to celebrate the release of her new album ‘Babylon”. GéNIA chose the name ‘Babylon’ for her album as a reference to the historical period during which the glowing Babylon region progressed to the most advanced level, developing culture, art, science, architecture, commerce and other disciplines only to be destroyed by its own residents. Known for its famous wonders of the Hanging Gardens, the highest centre of learning and scientific advancement, outstanding development of the arts and one of the most successful commercial centers, Babylon had fame and fortune for many years. However, citizens of the regions were never satisfied, and wanted autonomy in order to gain more control over their part of the land, and, finally, through continuous wars they managed to demolish this highly developed civilisation and prevent further advancement in the fields of arts and science.

By drawing the attention to the past, GéNIA hopes that her audience will become more aware of the processes, which our society is going though today, and be able to recognise these similar patterns, in order to prevent the decline of the current highly advanced cultural, scientific and economic state which we achieved today, and deserve to be able to celebrate and harness.

Last year, GéNIA released two of the singles from this album; ‘Aphrodite’ enjoyed syncs in the critically acclaimed BBC America TV Series ‘Killing Eve’ and the popular British TV Series ‘Cold Feet’.

The single ‘Babylon’ has proved to be very popular, as it is regularly played on BBC Radio London 94.9, and in all Caffe Nero branches world-wide. Due to popular demand, GéNIA was asked to release its score.

The piece ‘Farewell’ also enjoyed a placement on the BBC America series ‘Killing Eve’.

GéNIA chose to attribute the names from Greek Mythology (Athena, Aphrodite, Gaia) to many of her pieces, giving a symbolic meaning to each piece.

Acknowledging her cultural inheritance, GéNIA would also like to include in the concert some of the works which influenced her as a composer, by performing pieces by Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt and Rachmaninoff, as she strongly believes that beautiful music is always currant, and there is no need to separate classical and contemporary genres for her audience.

GéNIA is delighted to be introduced by the celebrity actress, TV and Radio presenter Jo Good, who loves GéNIA’s music. They will discuss the album, acknowledging the incredible production team who have helped GéNIA to make it possible: two-time BAFTA winner and six-time Emmy nominee, sound engineer Nigel Heath; producer Hayden Parsey, engineers Billi Halliday and Brad Rees; mastering engineer Cicely Balston from AIR Studios; the award-winning fashion designer José Hendo; photographer Maurice Sparrow and the artist Stefano Terranova.

Aiming to create an inspirational and relaxed event, the audience will be greeted with a refreshment, but as there is no bar available, the public is welcome to bring any drinks of their choice with them (apart from red wine as per the venue policy) to continue the celebratory evening.

We welcome everyone to the concert, so the entrance fee is by donation of your choice, but we would be grateful for your kind contribution of £25 as a recommended donation, which would also include a thank you gift from us, GéNIA’s first EP ‘Dreams of today, Thoughts of tomorrow’, which has been played on Classic FM.

For more information on GéNIA, and to listen to her music, please visit her website.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Date: 21 March 2019, Time: Doors 7:00pm, Performance: 7:30pm, Location: Treehouse, 34 Charlotte Road, Shoreditch, London, EC 2A 3PB