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Working with Nik Bartsch by GéNIA

Amazing sessions with Nik Bartsch in preparation for the concert on the 9th of February at Kings Place! Click HERE for more info!


GéNIA Featured in Kings Place ‘What’s On’ Magazine

GéNIA in Kings Place What's on Magazine

The winter edition of ‘What’s On’, the calibrated performance venue Kings Place’s quarterly magazine, features a full page Q&A with GéNIA where she is asked about her love of the piano, how yoga has informed her playing and her performances at the Out Hear event and with Max de Wardener in 2014.

Click HERE or on the image to read the article.

Click HERE to read the entire issue.

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Go to page 66 for GéNIA’s performance listings. 

GéNIA Plays ‘While She Sleeps’ by Hayden Parsey

This haunting yet beautiful piano piece was composed by Hayden Parsey and commissioned by GéNIA for her to play. Such were the power of the emotions generated by the music, a cover version was used by Girlguiding UK who produced a powerful 40-second video to promote their Girls Attitude Survey.

Images by (in order of appearance):
Honeyhouse Films
Douglas R Witt

Courtesy of Flicker

Click HERE to view GéNIA’s other videos.

When is the best time to blog: the blog about nothing

Who knows ….. personally I like early mornings as I can write without thinking of what is coming out on the computer (old fashioned paper does sound much better, but really is not what it is!)

Having your favorite cup of your favorite substance, playing your favorite music, surrounded by your favorite objects, if you bother to make an effort, isn’t this is the most pleasurable experience?

How to write about nothing and still write? Does nothing really exist? So many questions, so many thoughts, all passing by, sometimes holding for a few seconds, while the brain tries to figure out the correct spelling of a word…..

Is it better to write in the sunshine or on the rainy day? Depends how  melancholic or  upbeat one feels…..  Is it better to write facing your auspicious direction or trying to cultivate your best by putting oneself in the worst direction possible and still hope that you can produce something meaningful…

If you are reading this blog right now, I am deeply touched by your trust to spend a few minutes in my company …. Just to make it a bit meaningful for you here is the video from my latest performance of music by Max de Wardener: sometimes music speaks so much more then pages of words…..

Have a lovely day,


from Kings Place to Media Advert

Lovely concert at Kings Place the other night – I was thrilled to be performing music by wonderful composers Max de Wadener, JS Bach, Buzoni, Siloti, Debussy, Cage & Bartsch whilst having an audience of fantastic musicians and composers, including (to name a few): Gabriel Prokofiev, Patrick Nunn, Will Dutta, Richard Harris, Jamie Telford and Hayden Parsey. Thanks to all of you for your creativity and for being such an inspiration!

Meanwhile I was really thrilled to learn that the piece that I commissioned with Hayden Parsey almost 8 years ago was re-produced by the composer and is currently being used in the new advert campaign for the Girl Guides where they tackle the problem of eating disorders for young women and girls:

“Girlguiding UK calls upon the Prime Minister David Cameron to introduce compulsory labelling of airbrushed images to help combat the rise of eating disorders and shape a generation of self confident girls and young women.”

Watch the trailer here

Which brings us to a question: “How much should art influence society?”

Now time for another cup of coffee…




My Inspirational Collaboration with Max de Wardener

My first collaboration with Max de Wardener took place when Max made a remix for John Richards’ “Suite for piano and electronics” that has been released on the Nonclassical label. The first time I actually met Max face to face was after my performance at the Cargo nightclub celebrating this release!

That was the beginning of the beautiful friendship and long-term collaboration. Since then, we have been working together on various piano solo and piano & electronics pieces. The challenging rhythmical approach of Max’s music, coming from an electronic background with the preciseness of computer generated rhythms, wrapped with the beautiful tunes inspired me to develop my playing further.

The 18th of October concert is yet another milestone in our collaboration. Premiering 3 new works by Max and ranging from the complete stillness to the vivid hypo mood of the dance scene, the music takes the listener through various “states”, enhanced by pieces of Bach, Cage, Debussy, Tanaka, Skempton and Bartsch,

Films, made by award winning video artists Ravi Deepres and Quolla, who are both long-term collaborators, accompany some of the music.

Promising to be “a chilling night” this Monday’s concert will hopefully set you in a good frame of mind for your week ahead.

Here is our programme:

1st SET

  • Max de Wardener Bees
  • Karen Tanaka  Techno Etude No. 1
  • JS Bach / Buzoni  ‘Ichruf zudir, Herr Jesu Christ’, Choral Prelude for Organ, BWV 639
  • Bach / Ziloti  Prelude in B minor (from the Clavier Buchlein für Wilhelm Friedemann Bach) BWV 855a
  • Max de Wardener  Two short pieces for Peter
  • JS Bach   Overture from French Overture (Partita) in B, BWV 831
  • John Cage  In a landscape
  • Max de Wardener  Remix of the Remix by (visuals by Quoyola)

INTERVAL (20 minutes)

2nd SET

  • Nik Bartsch   Modul 13
  • Max de Wardener  Water
  • Le vent dans la plaine, No. 3 from Book I (Debussy Prélude)
  • Bruyères, No. 5 from Book II (Debussy Préludes)
  • Howard Skempton  Reflections 1-5
  • Max de Wardener  Lusitania (visuals by Ravi Deepres)
  • Max de Wardener  Until My Blood is Pure (visuals by Ravi Deepres)

It will be lovely to see you all there in the beautiful building of Kings Place.

Here is a little preview:

GéNIA plays Max de Wardener

Big hug,


GéNIA plays the music of Max de Wardener

Date: Monday, 18 October 2010, 8:00pm

Place: Kings Place, 90 York Way, London N1 9AG


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