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GéNIA completes mastering of her new material!

GéNIA has completed mastering of her new piano pieces for Faber Music Media. Composed specifically for a newly launched music library by Faber Music Media, we expect the music to be published in the autumn 2015!
Watch the space for more news on this project!

GéNIA Launches her Piano-Yoga® Club in London

Virtuoso pianist and composer GéNIA announces the launch of the first ever monthly Piano-Yoga® Club! The project is a new brainchild of this ‘charismatic pianist’ (Gramophone Magazine) and will take place at the historic Schott Music store in the heart of London.

Pianist GéNIA

Pianist of all levels will now be able to experience the Piano-Yoga® method that was described by Piano & Health Magazine as ‘ the first entirely new piano technique to emerge in over 50 years’  and ‘something radical’ at this new regular monthly Club night. Starting in September and running on the 1st Wednesday of every month the Piano-Yoga® Club will provide a truly unique opportunity to acquire in-depth learning about this unique holistic method from its creator herself, ‘an outstanding musician’ ( The Times) , GéNIA.

Based on a synergy between the Russian School of Piano Playing and Eastern Philosophies, especially Yoga, Piano-Yoga® believes that, with a simple and holistic approach, which takes into account an individual’s physical, psychological and energetic state, one can learn faster and more easily. Strongly emphasising the uniqueness of each human being, Piano-Yoga® teaches musicians how to learn to play the piano utilising their strengths, while gently working on improving their weaknesses. Whether one has tight shoulders, tension in their arms, rhythm problems, performance nerves or the inability to organise piano practice efficiently, Piano-Yoga® can offer various solutions and teach musicians how to be in charge of their own progress.

Paying great attention to the musician’s environment, which can be a lonely existence, especially for pianists, GéNIA believes that the Piano-Yoga® Club will attract like–minded people and become a great place for interactive, creative and noncompetitive music making.

Click HERE for booking details and more information on the all new Piano-Yoga® Club.

GéNIA Talks on BBC LONDON 94.9 Radio about The Piano-Yoga® Club

GéNIA talks to Jo Good on her show at BBC London 94.9

GéNIA was a guest on Jo Good Show at BBC London  94.9 Radio on Tuesday, the 4th of August, where she talked in details about the launch of  the Piano-Yoga® Club: what to expect, who is it for and when it will start. GéNIA demonstrated one of her exercises and played some of her music. For those considering joining the Club this interview will give you a great insight (starts from 1:07): LISTEN HERE 

Have you seen GéNIA’s New Album Trailer?

If you haven’t seen it already, GéNIA’s latest trailer showcases three original compositions on her second EP: Sweet Memories, Mon Amour, and London-Paris. Even if you’ve heard the songs before, the video gives you a great view of GéNIA’s playing that you simply couldn’t get live.

The album is inspired by a cup of coffee, and this is perhaps most apparent on the first of the three tracks, Sweet Memories. It evokes a sense of nostalgia and calm, a sense that is familiar to all of us who like to sit in cafés and to watch the world go by. The second piece, Mon Amour, is slower and filled with more melancholy than the first, reminding us of how it feels to reminisce upon the past, and perhaps even upon what we have lost. This changes as we reach London-Paris; GéNIA’s music has departed from reflection and looks towards the future. It brings a sense of anticipation and possibility; the increase in tempo and dynamics also creating the feeling of the intent and purpose that comes with travel.

Also worth your attention: if you listen closely, you can hear GéNIA conjure up the effect of a chorus during London-Paris – the piano really starts to sound a little like the human voice!

Alex Chalk

New Performance of GéNIA’s ‘London-Paris’ Available Now

You can now see a full performance of GéNIA’s composition ‘London-Paris’ on YouTube. It is footage from GéNIA’s concert in support of UNICEF in France last year.

'London-Paris' was written on the Eurostar, late on a cold, snowy night during Winter; GéNIA frequently made the trip between the two cities during a sabbatical taken in 2013. This particular performance of the piece is at a higher tempo than when she recorded it in the studio, which makes her right-hand triplet runs all the more formidable and impressive! Coupled with intensified dynamics, GéNIA gives this performance a distinctive character which it is worth your time to investigate.

Alex Chalk

Faber Commission Music from GéNIA for a New Project

There are more new compositions from GéNIA on their way. Faber Music will be releasing a series of CDs featuring new piano recordings, and GéNIA has been asked to contribute three original pieces to the project. We’re looking forward to sharing them with you!

Founded in 1965 by Benjamin Britten and Donald Mitchell, Faber is one of the most respected music publishers in the UK. It has a very distinguished track record in classical music, particularly with more current artists and composers, and has worked with contemporary figures such as Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber and Paul McCartney. Like GéNIA, it too believes in the importance of crossing between classical and contemporary!

If you have ever bought sheet music or educative material, we are confident that you will be familiar with Faber. It is a company GéNIA is proud to be associated with, and we feel this collaboration is special.

Alex Chalk

GéNIA and Fashion Designer José Hendo

If GéNIA’s dress caught your eye in the trailer for her latest album, you may be interested to know that it was designed for her, by the multi-award winning José Hendo whose work has featured at Fashion Weeks across the globe.

José Hendo’s work revolves around the principle of sustainable fashion. She does not waste material, and only uses it herself if it is sustainably produced – end-of-line, up-cycled, or organic. As well as remaining ever-conscious of her work’s impact on the environment, José seeks to raise awareness of the environmental effects of the fashion industry herself.

This dress designed for GéNIA, which has a wonderful red complexion, is of a traditional length when viewed from the front, but from behind it carries a shorter more contemporary line. It combines a respect for what we can learn from those before us with recognition of the need to change and evolve – a difficult but essential balance to strike.

The considered approach José Hendo brings to her work complements GéNIA’s own thoughtful style, both in composition and in performance, and brings yet another touch of class to her latest renditions.

José Hendo’s site can be found here:

Alex Chalk

GéNIA’s performance of ‘Paganini Jazz’

This video, recorded in September 2014 in Nice, France, is a great opportunity to see and hear GéNIA at her most virtuosic.  Paganini Jazz is a demanding piece, and with a very clear view of the piano keyboard, the video offers a window into how GéNIA approaches this challenge.  For those who want some insight into her technique, this is footage that can be carefully studied.

It is also a chance to hear how GéNIA handles Jazz; something of a departure from both her classical repertoire and her songwriting.  That the answer is ‘very well’ is evident from the way she navigates the contrasting moods of the piece, and manages to maintain such a smooth playing style even in the most up-tempo and dramatic of moments.  It is also evident from the standing ovation she receives at the end of the song!  A dynamic performance full of variety, it is certainly worth a few minutes of your time to investigate.

As well as being an outstanding rendition, GéNIA’s performance was on this occasion in support of UNICEF, and the funds raised from the concert meant that 560 girls throughout Guinéa, Mozambique, Togo, Malaisie and Madagascar received an education for a year.  Good music for a good cause!

Alex Chalk

Classic FM Airs GéNIA’s Piece ‘Past Love’

We are delighted to announce GéNIA's music premiered on Friday 27th March on Classic FM. 'Past Love' from GéNIA's EP 'Dreams of Today, Thoughts of Tomorrow' was aired on Marhgerita Taylor's Smooth Classics show. We were pleased to receive some lovely feedback from Classic FM listeners about the soulful, intimate and dream like composition.

Composed mainly in Paris GéNIA's debut EP contains 5 pieces inspired by coffee culture.

You can purchase 'Past Love' and the rest of the GéNIA's compositions from iTunes HERE.




GéNIA’s UNICEF Concert a Big Success!

GéNIA’s concert for UNICEF this September was a big success.  The money raised from the concert will allow UNICEF to school 560 girls for one year in one of the following countries: Guinéa, Mozambique, Togo, Malaisie or Madagascar.

We would like to thank Bruno Jonquet the President of The Association Energie Creation Solidaire, Claude Fondecave the Président Comité Départemental 06 pour l'UNICEF  and singer Lea Van Sky for organising the concert.

GéNIA was overwhelmed by the audience’s response which included a standing ovation. Here is some of the amazing feedback we have had from the audience:

'C'était magique, très harmonieux et enchantant ! Merci pour cette inoubliable soirée. Bravo, Genia.....l

GéNIA's recital took me to another sphere.

A truly fantastic performer. Loved every minute. Thank you !

Slendido concerto, pieno di vibraziones, molto molto toccante

Merci pour cette formidable soirée, une grande dame ayant autant de talent et beaucoup de générosité dans ses interprétations mérite ses acclamations.

Merci, quelle merveille. Amazing, very emotional. Une belle pianiste, pour une cause noble, une sensibilité. Très beau récital, ravie d'avoir pu écouter Genia. On continuera à écouter son CD.

Merci pour cette superbe soirée. C'était une très belle idée et Genia nous a enchantés.

Très belle soirée ! Merci pour l'organisation très professionnelle et le choix de l'artiste. Ce fût une belle découverte !

Merci. Magnifiquo ! Like she has 4 hands ! You can do it again. Well organize.

Merveilleuses notes, beaucoup de sensibilité ! Merci.

Superbe concert, j'ai apprécié particulièrement l'interprétation de Philip Glass et les compositions de Genia.

Un magnifique concert, une artiste envoutante. Mon fils de 3 ans était attentif et admiratif pendant tout le concert ! Une jeune vocation est née ce soir grâce à Genia !

Your pieces enchanted me, Genia ! Wish you all the best !

So glad we all come. C'était magnifique !

Amazing composer, very happy to participate.

A fantastic concert by an amazing pianist and composer !

C'était vraiment magnifique !

Merveilleux concert. Merci Genia.

Merci pour ce magnifique concert. Vous êtes vraiment géniale.

Une superbe soirée, merci pour votre organisation et à cette artiste magnifique. J'ai adoré !

Très belle initiative. Thank you very much. En espérant qu'il y en ait beaucoup d'autres.

Merci pour cet enchantement !

Quel moment émouvant et dense. La grâce et le don.

I was absolutely spellbound by the magic of her performance and talent.

Bravo ! Magnifique soirée...

Soirée splendide. Merci pour la générosité du coeur et de l'esprit.

Merci pour cette excellente soirée. Félicitations.

Un merveilleux moment de beauté et de sensibilité !

Magnificient performance. Great energy. I really loved Genia's own work and her new piece is sensational. A very well organised event.

C'était un très bel événement, et on voyait que c'était super bien comment dire, comme sur une ligne toute droite, sans un grain de sable, ....peaufiné !!

Bravo. Fantastic night. Very well organized. Genia is amazing. Well done.

Thank you for your beautiful heart and organising such a magnificent evening.

Everyone loved it and couldn't get enough of it.

Une soirée magique, cette pianiste est unique!!!!!

The recital was excellent. I really enjoyed it, and what a lovely venue to hold it in.

Bravo quel talent Genia, quelles belles vibrations émanent de vous tous ! ça fait du bien...

Merci et Bravo aux organisateurs pour cette soirée inoubliable pour nous... pleine d'émotion...'


Courtesy by photographer (c) 2014 Jean-Joaquim Crassous

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