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GéNIA's Babylon in the Ballet Production 'Bogumer" by Vero Cendoya

I am delighted to have my composition 'Babylon' being part of a contemporary dance show 'Bogumer' by the choreographer Vero Cendoya based on a story by Anatoly Lunacharsky (a Russian Marxist revolutionary and the first Bolshevik Soviet People's Commissar responsible for Ministry and Education as well as an active playwright, critic, essayist and journalist)

In her letter to me Vero wrote: 'It is a very important project because, it is the first time in 13 years of the company, I unite two parts: social work through dance and a deep artistic research care. It's the only way to fight back for diversity. Thank you for letting me use your beautiful music.'

The story of the God's Judgment serves as a starting point to discuss the search for one's own identity and the dynamics of power, all without losing the humour and poetics, hallmark of the company. Russia at the beginning of the XX century, after the triumph of the Communist Revolution, also serves as inspiration to create a timeless space in which the 7 protagonists will interact and dance.

This is an unusual project, as five performers from the Cía Vero Cendoya Dance Company and two performers with intellectual disabilities will work together.

The premier was on January 23rd, 2021 in Barcelona with future dates planned for Festivals around Catalonia, Spain and Europe.

With the eclectic choice of music, my piece is played alongside the songs of Pussy Riot and work by Galina Ustvolskaya (III Benedictus qui venit).

To read more about the production and choreographer Vero Cendoya, please follow these links: and

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