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GéNIA's New Release is Out - 'Snowy Fairytale' Single - Released 1 December 2023

I am excited to share my new release - single 'Snowy Fairytale' - with you, which is one of the tracks on my new EP 'Homecoming' which will be released on the 15th December 2023!

GéNIA's new single 'Snowy Fairytale' released 1 December 2023

In the light of the forthcoming holiday season, which gathers our loved ones together, this composition represents their journey home to join family and friends. In today's world, so many of us are scattered across many countries, and the expectation of this union makes it very special. This composition is inspired by that thought.

Available on all the major streaming platforms (Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, Pandora and more), it is released on Karma Sounds Record Label.

Please click Here to choose your favourite platform or listen on YouTube below!

I hope that you enjoy it!

With love,




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