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GéNIA's New Release - 'Sermon' EP - out 29 December 2023

Dear all,

My final release for 2023 is the EP 'Sermon' containing 5 of my compositions,

Sermon, Meditation, Evocations, Ujjayi and Prana.

Album cover for GéNIA's release 'Sermon'

All the above form part of my forthcoming album 'Exhale'.

Although it was not planned, the nature of Sermon was inspired by the difficult times the whole world has gone through in 2023, with wars and suffering taking place in many parts of the globe. With this composition, I would like to offer you some moments of solitude and reflection, as well as paying tribute to those who’s lives have been lost this year.

The whole new release EP, which starts from the dark and sobering 'Sermon' gradually shows the progress towards lighter and happier compositions culminating in 'Prana', which I hope will happen for us in 2024.

You can download and stream the EP on:

You can also stream the track on SoundCloud

(and many other digital channels)

Happy New Year!

With love,



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