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New meditation music video from GéNIA - 'Prana'

I am pleased to be able to share my new meditation music video of 'Prana' with you. With this video, these slow moving images offer you the opportunity to take time from your busy life and simply relax.

For some of you, these visuals may offer a guide to a simple mediation technique.

The video will premiere on my YouTube channel at 9pm BST on the 13th of September 2023.

‘Prana’ in Sanskrit means ‘breath’. With this peaceful music I would like to offer you, my audience, some moments of calm and reflection. Drawing on my skills as a composer, pianist & yoga teacher, the rhythm of the track is created to match an equal breathing technique, known as Sama Vritti in Sanskrit, which focuses on making each in & out breath the same length. By making one’s breath smooth and steady, one can help to bring balance into one’s life.

And if you would like to add the track to you music collection from any other streaming platforms, just follow this link .

Finally, please share this video with your friends & family, so that they may also benefit from this musical oasis of calmness and repose.





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