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New Release from GéNIA - piano solo composition 'Clouds' - Release Date 3 May 2024

Updated: Apr 24

I’m absolutely thrilled to announce the release of my newest album, ‘Clouds’, which is a significant part of my ongoing artistic endeavour, ‘Exhale’. It will be released on the 3 May 2024.

This album holds a special place in my heart, as its piano solo title track, ‘Clouds’, is deeply inspired by the meditative state we enter when gazing upon the ever-shifting shapes and movements of clouds. There’s something truly enchanting about losing oneself in the rhythm of nature, and I aimed to capture that ethereal essence in this composition.

I hope listeners will embark on a journey of introspection and tranquility as they immerse themselves in the melodies and textures of ‘Clouds’.

In addition to the title track, ‘Clouds’, I’ve included previously released tracks like ‘Falling Stars’, ‘Sermon’, ‘Memoriam’, and a few others that collectively form the album ‘Exhale’. While the full album is slated for release by year’s end, I’m excited for listeners to start immersing themselves in the project’s concept now.

‘Exhale’ aims to offer a source of relaxation and calm amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and I hope this early glimpse will resonate with you.

You can already pre-order and pre-save 'Clouds'Album via this link


With love,



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