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New Release from GéNIA - piano solo EP 'Memoriam', released 3 February 2024

My latest piano solo EP, "Memoriam," debuted worldwide on all digital streaming platforms last Friday, February 3, 2024.

GéNIA 'Memoriam' EP cover art

Drawing inspiration from cherished memories, the compositions within "Memoriam" intricately intertwine bittersweet emotions, reflecting on love and encapsulating moments that resonate deeply within the soul, evoking a poignant and nostalgic ambiance.


Featuring previously released tracks such as "Meditation," "Ujjaji," "Prana," "Evocations," and "Sermon," the EP is curated to provide a glimpse into my upcoming album, "Exhale," which is designed to aid listeners in relaxation and explore various mindfulness techniques.


For an immersive experience, I recommend listening to the EP while lying down or sitting quietly.

You can download or stream this EP via this link


Wishing you a fulfilling musical journey.






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