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New Release of 2022: GéNIA 'Where am I?"

I am very excited to share my new release of 2022 with you - my composition 'Where am I?'

It was created when I was at a cross-roads in my life, as at that point I was facing a dilemma whether to move to France where I felt so much creatively inspired, or remain in London where I lived for most of my life and where my creativity found many outlets. Hence this composition represents the inner dialog which was going on in my mind. This is also is one of the tracks on my forthcoming album ‘Voyages Français’. The release date is 14 January 2022.

You can already pre-order and pre-save 'Where am I?' on many digital channels. Just choose the channel of your liking on the widget below or click HERE.

This composition was composed and recorded by me on my Steinway (1932), co-produced with my long-stranding friend and producer Hayden Parsey and mastered by Cicely Balston, an award- winning engineer at Alchemy at AIR.

The video was filmed by Mariola Naranjo. The cover image was taken by Darcie Gage. The artwork cover was made by Chris Green from Colours.

If you would like to know more about the story of this piece, I invite you to follow me on my Instagram and Facebook, where I will be talking about the composition.

And finally, if you are not following me on Spotify or YouTube, I am inviting you to do so, as this helps me to get my music across the globe!

Thank you for your continuing support.

With love,



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