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Thank you to my supporters from GéNIA

As 2021 rounds up, I would like to thank everyone who supported me over this year.

It has been an incredible year, challenging for many artists, and yet incredibly creative, as it inspired us to find new ways of channeling our creativity.

For me, this year consisted of 8 releases, several online performances, a small number of concerts (in London and Spain), placements of my compositions in the highly acclaimed phycological ITV thriller 'Close to Me', as well as active Instagram social media engagement.

However, all of this would have been impossible without you, my audience. My biggest streaming composition this year was 'St Paul' with over 9,500 streams, and my latest EP 'Valse à la française' received just under 32,000 streams.

Those who follow my career may remember that, In April this year,I had a fund-raising concert and was so touched by your support, as without it, I would not have been able to release all of the recordings, videos, as well as my sheet music.

I wanted to extend special thanks to those who so generously donated towards my releases including Andrea Lally, Dr Eldrid Herrington and Dr Vipin Triverdi, as well as many others who purchased tickets to my online events.

I would like to THANK YOU ALL, my audience, for being there, and listening to my music! I hope that my music keeps brightening your day and provides you with the comfort which we so often need.

I have numerous release scheduled, and hope that they will bring you as much, if not more pleasure, then this year's releases.

With love,


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