Babylon Framed Hand-Written Page and Canvas Bundle

Babylon Framed Hand-Written Page and Canvas Bundle

For the ultimate gift, we are offering a gift voucher for a framed, hand-written score by GéNIA and canvas artwork based on the design of her popular single ‘Babylon’.


Hand-written Score

The Limited Edition hand-written score comes in a white wooden frame that can be either hung on the wall or put on a table. Choose from Babylon and other pieces by GéNIA.



Created by the company ‘Colors’, long-standing collaborators of GéNIA’s, this image conveys the vibrancy and vitality of the music. GéNIA was so impressed and moved by the thoughtful design that she was immediately inpired to create a painting based on it! With its energy, it can brighten and revitalise any space!


The framed image, printed on canvas, comes in size 12"x12" and includes a hook for hanging. With only 250 copies made, each one will be stamped, numbered and signed by GéNIA. 

If you'd like her to write anything else on the back of the canvas, please let us know when ordering!


Material: Canvas

Size: 12"x12"

Border colour: Black

Hooks for hanging included

  • Return Policy

    I am afraid we are not offering any returns on this item, as it will be made specifically for your order!