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GéNIA: Babylon

GéNIA: Babylon

Description: Released by GéNIA as a single as a part of her album ‘Babylon' (released September 2018). The name 'Babylon' was chosen as a reference to the advanced ancient civilisation which was repeatedly challenged by being regularly attacked and almost destroyed; however, many times it managed to rebuild itself, each time to a higher level.

GéNIA is hoping that by looking back into the past, her audience can link that period to the challenging times our society is currently experiencing. 

The piece has been performed at various concert halls in London and other European cultural hotspots and is currently has been played in Caffè Nero branches worldwide. 


Title: ‘Babylon’


Composer: GéNIA


Type: Digital Sheet Music 


Arrangement: Solo Piano


Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced


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