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GéNIA - Mon Amour (Home Version)

GéNIA - Mon Amour (Home Version)

  • GéNIA - Mon Amour (Home Version) - Sheet Music

    Level: Intermediate to Advanced Pianists

    In the past few years I received so many requests for the sheet music of this composition and comments from you, so I decided to re-compose and, therefore, re-release this piece , recorded on my beloved Steinway Piano (Originally ‘Mon Amour’ was released in 2014 on my EP 'Dreams of Today, Thoughts of Tomorrow’ Volume 2).

    Since having been captured in the lockdown, I started recording and producing music by establishing a recording studio at home, learning recording and production skills.

    This release is also my debut as a music producer, as I recorded and mixed this composition purely by myself. I used my newly acquired skills based on the training I went through this year, as well as on my experiences working with remarkable producers.

    This new version of ‘Mon Amour’ is being released especially for Valentine’s Day 😊❤️😊

  • Listen to the full composition here

    Available on various digital platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer and many others. Choose Here

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