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GéNIA: 'Dreams of Today, Thoughts of Tomorrow' EP

Cat No: GENMUS001
Release Date: 28 March 2014
Country: UK

Price: £7.99 (excluding P&P)

"Dreams of Today, Thoughts of Tomorrow" was inspired by the idea of people thinking about their lives, whether past, present or future, while having a cup of coffee. Composed mainly in Paris, where GéNIA took sabbatical in 2013, it is influenced by Parisian culture and the lifestyle. This limited edition EP features 5 compositions from the forthcoming album.
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GéNIA: 'Dreams of Today, Thoughts of Tomorrow Vol.2' EP

Cat No: GENMUS002
Release Date: 14 December 2014
Country: UK

Price: £7.99 

Composed mainly in London, GéNIA's sophomore EP contains 6 pieces inspired by coffee culture. These compositions have been performed at various concert halls in London and other European cultural hotspots.

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GéNIA: 'Someone Like You - Piano Version

GéNIA Music is delighted to announce the release of a piano version of ‘Someone Like You’ by Russian concert pianist and composer GéNIA. 

The voice of Adele shook the world. The fingers of GéNIA and her classical arrangement of ‘Someone Like You’ takes this haunting and emotive melody to a global classical audience. Scheduled for worldwide release on 14 February 2016, this classical piano work preserves and conveys the sonority and emotion of the original. 

'Someone Like You’ is one of the most beautiful love songs that has ever existed and I could not help myself, but to play with its beauty. I very much enjoyed working on this song, trying to preserve its essence and am very grateful to Adele’s and Dan Wilson’s publishers for their official support’.  

Recorded on a Steinway & Sons Model D grand piano at Kings Place London and mastered at Metropolis Studios London, this recording demonstrates that beautiful music remains timeless.

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GéNIA: 'Babylon' - Single

Cat No: GENMUS004
Release Date: 13 September 2017
Country: UK

GéNIA Music is delighted to announce the release of 'Babylon'.

The name 'Babylon' was chosen as a reference to the advanced ancient civilisation which was repeatedly challenged by being regularly attacked and almost destroyed; however, many times it managed to rebuild itself, each time to a higher level.

GéNIA is hoping that by looking back into the past, her audience can link that period to the challenging times our society is currently experiencing. The single is a track from her new album 'Babylon' which is due to be released later this autumn.

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GéNIA: 'Aphrodite' - Single

Cat No: GENMUS012
Release Date: 7 September 2018
Country: UK

GéNIA Music is delighted to announce the release of the piano solo single ’Aphrodite’.

This original piano piece was inspired by the story of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty, who, according to Plato’s popular legend, was born in the foamy crests of the Aegean Sea. The captivating image of this beautiful woman rising through the waves was the original incentive behind the music.

Performed on a 1922 Steinway D grand piano at Sleeper Sounds, a studio founded and owned by renowned songwriter and producer Guy Chambers, the instrument brings a hauntingly beautiful tone and feel to the track.

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Aphrodite (Redux) by GéNIA & VOID - Single

Cat No: GENMUS014
Release Date: 7 September 2018
Country: UK

UK based band VOID discovered my original piano recording of Aphrodite during a visit to their publishing company’s offices in Central London.As band members describe it: 'Struck by the tenderness, sensitivity and fragility of what they had heard, the band sought to remix the track, instilling it with their unique and highly atmospheric presence.’

GéNIA was absolutely blown away by the VOID redux which took her piece Aphrodite to another level. As she described herself: ‘The way I visualise it is that the piano version represents the goddess Aphrodite coming out of the sea, and the redux version having her lifted up into the air.’

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GéNIA: 'Babylon' - Album

Cat No: GENMUS009
Release Date: 29 March 2019
Country: UK

GéNIA chose the name 'Babylon' for her album as a reference to the historical period during which the glowing Babylon region progressed to the most advanced level, developing culture, art, science, architecture, commerce and other disciplines only to be destroyed by it's own residents. Known for its famous wonders of the Hanging Gardens, the highest centre of learning and scientific advancement, beautiful development of arts and one of the most successful commercial centres, Babylon had fame and fortune for many years. However, citizens of the regions were never satisfied and wanted autonomy to gain more control over their part of the land, and, finally, through continuous wars they managed to demolish this highly developed civilisation and prevent the advancement in the fields of arts and science.

By drawing the attention to the past, GéNIA hopes, that her audience will become more aware of the processes through which our society is going through today and be able to recognise these similar patterns in order to prevent the decline of the current highly adavnced cultural, scientific and economic state which we achieved today and deserve to celebrate and harness. 

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GéNIA / John Richards: "Suite for piano and electronics"

Label: Nonclassical
Cat No: NONCLSS002
Release Date: September 2007
Distribution: Cargo

GéNIA - piano, John Richards - electronics.

A groundbreaking record that pushes the boundaries of classical piano repertoire. With electronic remixes by The EarlyMan, Max de Wardener, kREEPA, Gabriel Prokofiev, Derailer, Trevor Goodchilde, Germ and Vex'd. Also available in Vinyl.

Available to buy from Bandcamp and iTunes

GéNIA: Piano Book No. 1 by G. Prokofiev

Label: Nonclassical
Cat No: NONCLSS006
Release Date: UK - September 2010, USA - available now
Distribution: Cargo

The first recording of Gabriel Prokofiev's solo piano works on the Nonclassical label. Available from Bandcamp and iTunes

"GéNIA taps at her most persuasive on "Black Sauce", the morass of dark bass and thick, unctuous pacing seeming to drip from her fingers." - TIME OUT, Chicago, June 2010

GéNIA: Piano Book No. 1 by G. Prokofiev will be released in the UK in September 2010


GéNIA: Unveiled

Label: Black Box
Cat No: BBM1039
Release Date: May 2000

An uncompromising collection of music by Russian women composers given high impact performances by this charismatic pianist, GéNIA.

"GéNIA captures the music's unequivocal mood... she goes for maximum impact." - Gramophone Magazine, October 2000

Available to buy from Amazon

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Label: Black Box
Cat No: BBM1025
Release Date: August 1999

GéNIA* - piano, Roman Mints - violin

"This well-planned recital of modern music from Russia and Eastern Europe presents two remarkable young Russian talents. The music here is immediately communicative... performed with conviction and feeling. - Classic CD, October 1999

* known as Evgenia Chudinovich

Available to buy from Amazon

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