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As someone, who was born in Kharkiv and has many dear friends living there, I would like to do everything possible to support the citizens of Kharkiv.

Whilst many big international charities provide support across the Ukraine, I feel that there is a need for localised help, on a simple, practical level. At the start of the war, there was the greatest need for medical supplies, especially for tactical medicine. During the past six months Kharkiv has been targeted almost daily with missile attacks (as it is positioned to the East of the country, only 25 miles away from the Russian boarder). Apart from regular rocket attacks, there was a period when large number of mines have been scattered on the streets in residential areas, which has made it very dangerous to walk outside. Many civilians have been injured (and some, sadly, killed). There has not been a single day without the city being bombarded since the first day of war (24th February 2022). I am updating this website on the 13th of September, and Kharkiv now more, than ever, is experiencing heavy bombardment, whilst many people are living without light and electricity, with the continuous threat of death. At the same time many houses, buildings and infrastructure continue to be destroyed.

Therefore I have teamed up with a local charity ‘Kharkiv with You’БФ "Харків з тобою"  to help its citizens directly. 

Kharkiv is a city which gave birth to, and educated many of the world’s most renowned musicians, artists, scientists, doctors, and other professionals. It was one of the most beautiful cities in Ukraine. Kharkiv has contributed vastly to the world, and now it is time for us to give back to it.

For this purpose I have set-up ‘Support Kharkiv Foundation’, which is a micro-trust in aid of ‘GivingWorks’, a charity registered in England and Wales (charity registration no.1078770).

You can contact us​ to donate directly or chose the platform of your liking from below (the was launched on the 24th of June)  



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'Support Kharkiv Foundation’ is a micro-trust in aid of ‘GivingWorks’, a charity registered in England and Wales, (charity registration no.1078770). It has been created by GéNIA to support the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, its surrounding regions and citizens, as the city has undergone destruction on a huge scale.

The initial strategy is to support citizens through  humanitarian help, which covers medical assistance, as well as food and emergency aid. For the longer term, the charity aims to provide financial assistance to Kharkiv citizens in need.

*For those individuals who have made Gift-Aid Declarations pursuant to their donation, 100% of their donations will go towards Support Kharkiv Foundation’s charitable endeavours. For those who have not signed Gift-Aid declarations, 7% of the amount donated will be deducted for Giving Works’ administrative costs. No money goes to GéNIA.

Please contact us for the bank details to make your contribution as well as download the Gift Aid Form. Your help will be invaluable! After each campaign, with the help of 'Kharkiv with You' charity I will provide a detailed report on how the money has been spent. 

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I have teamed up with a local charity ‘Kharkiv with You’ БФ "Харків з тобою"  to help its citizens directly.

Since 2014, "Kharkiv with you" has been actively involved in the process of organising assistance, both in the city itself and the surrounding region.

They purchase and donate medical supplies to specialized medical institutions (for example, perinatal centers), they import large volumes of humanitarian aid, including food, to the city and region, they work closely with local governments (“mayor’s office”) and with state authorities (Kharkiv regional military-civilian administration).

From my first campaign in March 2022, with the funds obtained from the fund-raising concert at Steinway Hall and private donations, I have sent £7,334.00 to the ‘Kharkiv with You’ charity, so far. These funds have been spent on medical equipment, including Shadow- free operating lamp, Kirchner spokes (300), Ilizarov spokes (300), sets of implants for osteosynthesis of the shin, femur, humorous, tibia and a set of locking and critical screws NX Medical (20). All this equipment has been sent to the Chuhuiv City Hospital (Kharkiv Region), where a large number of wounded people are currently being treated. Please see the full report HERE.

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Due to constant distraction taking place in  the city, children of Kharkiv urgently require help. 'Kharkiv with You’ charity works with different groups of kids: from the kids who suffer from cancer as well as numerous life threatening conditions, to the kids who require other medical and phycological help, as many of them are heavily traumatised. Please see my updates below. If you would like to help please do get in touch.



Due to constant demolition of the city, the citizens of Kharkiv urgently require medical supplies, especially for tactical medicine. Through my public events I am trying to raise funds to help with this cause, as well as reaching out to the medical establishments in the UK asking for help with the exact products. If you would like to get involved please get in touch. (On the picture on the right is one of Kharkiv tube stations which became a home for many). 



Supporting Children in Kharkiv

I am currently working on the 'Save the children. The Path of Hope' project, in collaboration with the Ukrainian charity 'Kharkiv with You'. The goal of the project is to help children from Kharkiv and its surrounding regions, with serious health issues, such as cancer, genetic disorders, major psychological problems induced by the war, & many others, who have already been offered free treatment in Europe, to be transported there, as this is very costly.
Severely ill children in need of major world-class surgery are sent to the Bambino Gesu network of hospitals in Italy: “IRCCS San Raffaele Roma”,“Pediatric Hospital Bambino Gesu” & “Ospedale Bambino Gesu di Palidaro”. A number of children with autism spectrum disorders were taken to France. There are also groups of children who are being taken to Bulgaria from the occupied territories, suffering from major psychological disorders.
Therefore any help on any level, would be invaluable.



Since June 2022 I started working on 'Save the children. The Path of Hope' project in collaboration with the Ukrainian charity 'Kharkiv with You'. With the help of my amazing audience, students, colleagues (many great musicians), friends, and just simply wonderful people who support my cause, in the past three months I have managed to raise just under £9,000.00 from two different platforms as well as my concert performances. 

Here are the specific updates:

In June 2022, the funds from GoFundMe platform (£2,872.15) and from my concert appearance in May (£424), were sent to ‘Kharkiv with You’ charity. These monies helped to pay for the transportation of children and accompanying people from the Bulgarian Mistral camp on the 1st of July 2022, where they stayed during June 2022 for psychological and physical rehabilitation. These funds paid for the bus to transport 57 people.

In August 2022, the funds from GoFundMe platform (£400) and from my ‘Support Kharkiv Foundation’ (£5,000.00) were sent to ‘Kharkiv with You’ charity.

My Piano-Yoga® students made a great input, for which I am so grateful to them, as our online student fundraising concert on the 26th of July 2022, raised just over £1,000: £795.00 raised from ticket sales, and an additional £200 of donations, plus Gift Aid on those donations, brought the whole beautiful event to over £1,000!

These funds were used to pay for the transpiration back to Lviv, Ukraine of 108 needy children, and the people accompanying them (overall, 108 people, most of whom were from Izyum, Kharkiv region) who were taken from the Bulgarian Mistral camp on the 2 September 2022, where they had been staying there during August 2022 for psychological and physical rehabilitation. 

Isym area of Kharkiv region was under occupation for a long time, and these children needed all the help they could get.

Together, we can help Ukraine, and, most importantly, its children, who will now grow up more mature and, hopefully, stronger, due to the support they have received.

Here are the words of Elena Rofe-Beketova, the Director of charity 'Kharkiv wth You’: ‘With sincere respect and immense gratitude for believing in us, in our strength, in our desire to preserve our future, let me thank you for your humanity, for your understanding and support, which are so keenly felt and so important in this difficult time’. 

Thank you!

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