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'Bella Ciao' piano score is published with all the proceeds to be sent to Kharkiv children!

Dear all,

Today we are releasing the sheet music of the very beautiful piece of solo piano music, 'Bella Ciao', the arrangement of the famous Italian folk song which became the anthem of the resistance movement by the partisans, who opposed Nazi-fascism during their fight against the occupying forces of the Nazis. Devastated by the current war in Ukraine, the Italian composer Paolo Cognetti wanted to express his solidarity with Ukrainian people.

This beautifully arranged composition is dedicated to your truly with the title 'Peace in Ukraine'. All the proceeds from this record as well as sheet music will go to Ukraine (To be exact, initially the funds will be sent to help children with serious health and mental health conditions from Kharkiv to be transported to Western hospitals and places for rehabilitation, where they already have been accepted for treatments).

You can download this score by way of a one-off donation. Once you make your kind donation, you will received the link to the score, with the original wording of the song.

This composition will suit pianist of any level, from late beginner to advanced pianists.

You can play it for yourself, or your friends, and, if you play it in Italian company, you may find Italians singing along as you play it!

I appreciate your support, and respectfully ask you not to share your copy to respect the rights of the composer.

If you would like to obtain the audio recording, you can download it HERE.

I thank You All and Paolo for the support!

With love,


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