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Mindfulness Playlist Week 7: the week of Longing

Updated: May 30, 2020

Dear All,

I hope you are staying safe and continue feeling well.

This Mindfulness Playlist Week 7 is rather unusual.

It has two recordings of some of the most popular classics, which I recorded a while ago on my handheld recorder at home. I like them a lot, and thought I could share them with you: Bach: Prelude in C Major from Book 1 of The Well-Tempered Clavier and Beethoven: First Movement from the Moonlight Sonata.

I also included some of my live improvisations which were recorded on the same Zoom handheld recorder a few years ago and which, due to lockdown, I had the time to re-discover.

The playlist includes one commercially released piece which I composed & recorded for Universal Production Music ‘Perpetual State’. You will notice a big difference in the recording quality.

And yet, as an artist, I sometimes prefer raw recordings to the perfectly produced commercial recordings which are now so favoured by our industry. My heart always beats harder when I listen to the recordings of old masters like Glenn Gould, Myra Hess, Clara Haskil to name just a few. Something in a raw, slightly unpolished, sound speaks more to my heart.

Hence I am presenting you this playlist, which is a far cry from commercially produced music, yet still has a capacity to convey and, maybe even transform. It is for you to decide which you prefer!

Click Here to listen to my Mindfulness Playlist Week 7.

Be well!

With love,


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