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GéNIA and the ‘Support Kharkiv Foundation’ became patrons of the ‘First Competition For Students of the Kharkiv State Music Lyceum’

Dear all,

Here is the update on the work of my 'Support Kharkiv Foundation' from our team:

Composer and Pianist GéNIA, who is also a founder of 'Support Kharkiv Foundation'

Dear supporters,

Happy New Year!

We would like to share our latest news and update on the work of our foundation with you.


In November 2023, the ‘First Competition For Students of the Kharkiv State Music Lyceum’, organised by the charitable foundation "ART UNITES THE WORLD", took place in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Thanks to sponsors and partners, which included GéNIA and the ‘Support Kharkiv Foundation’, the total prize pool amounted to UAH 200,000 (approximately £4,500).

Gratitude document to GéNIA as a patron of Support Kharkiv Foundation


Part of the funds were awarded to the winners, which will enable these young musicians to develop further, professionally, whilst the other part was used to provide psychological support to the Lyceum's students, by organising events, led by psychologists.


Students of various music specialties took part in the competition, which was judged by a jury from around the world, consisting of Lyceum alumni, who are now professional musicians, and have become well-known in the industry.


GéNIA, our founder, was invited to be one of the jury members. Together with her eminent colleagues, she had the honor and responsibility of choosing the three best pianists from a large number of young talents. According to her, it was a difficult decision to choose the winners from such a diverse group of talents.  ‘This experience inspired me, and gave me hope and faith in the bright musical future of Ukraine. Despite the horrific daily threat to these childrens’ lives, and the terrible reality they are surronded with, the level of skills of these contestants was incredibly high. It was heartwarming to see such a high standard and dedication of these young professionals, performing at an internetaional level, and ready to take on the world with their skills!’ says GéNIA.

Winners of First Competition For Students of the Kharkiv State Music Lyceum’


So we thank you once again! Thanks to your support, our contribution to the total prize fund amounted to £1,000, which in Hryvnia terms is 45,000. Thanks to you and your donations, three young talented musicians have a chance to continue their life's work in the face of war:


Alina Lamziuk - V. Lebedev Prize (oboe)

15000 UAH

Veniamin Andreev - Yevgeny Ivanov Prize (percussion)

15000 UAH

Anna Hafych - Mykola Herasymchuk Prize (choir)

15000 UAH

Winners First Competition For Students of the Kharkiv State Music Lyceum’

We would also like to thank GéNIA and the ‘ART UNITES THE WORLD’ Charitable Foundation for their incredible initiative organising such an event.


Our work continues. ‘ART UNITES THE WORLD’ asked us to contribute further to sponsor psychlogical rehabilitation for young musicians. If you could help on any level, we would be very grateful, as your help is invaluable.


Please remember that there are no small donations. Even the cost of a cup of coffee can save or change a child's life for the better.

Thank you for being with us.


‘Support Kharkiv Foundation’ Team


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting my cause! That's the biggest gift the audience can give to her artist.

With love,



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