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GéNIA's interview with Dr Maria Kempinska MBE for Women's & Men's Radio Stations

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Dear all,

I recently gave an interview to Dr Maria Kempinska MBE for Women's and Men's Radio Station for her programme 'Your Mind Matters'.

It is one of the deepest and personal interviews I have ever given. It lasts for a whole hour, covers many topics, and, even whilst I am not a tearful type, it brought me very close to tears on some occasions.

The programme was also aired on Men's Radio Station yesterday and you can listen to the interview below.

Dr Maria Kempinska is a fascinating interviewer, trained as a phycologist, she knew what questions to ask and how to make me open up. Discussing many things, from the essence of creative projects, to my Piano-Yoga® work, sharing stories about my family and the details of my work for Ukraine, it is quite a full on interview.

I hope that you enjoy the interview and, if you have any comments, please do share them below.

Thank you!

With love,



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