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GéNIA's Mindfulness Playlist Week 8

Dear all,

I hope you are staying safe and feeling well despite disconcerting worldwide news.

It has been a testing week for people all over the world, following the unlawful killing of the George Floyd, the 46 year old black American citizen, by a white policeman in Minneapolis, USA. This inhumane event has shaken the world, and people around the planet have been expressing their anger and solidarity in support of “Black Life Matters”.

Therefore, this week's playlist consists of just one piece, by composer and music producer Hayden Parsey (who is also a close friend) called ‘Lo but Hi’. This recording was captured live at my concert in Illinois USA, in 2004.

This composition consists of three parts: In the opening, the sound transmits the mantra ‘OM’

Science tells us that the Universe began with a big bang, whereas Vedanta says that the big bang is actually a big OM, which didn’t just happen once; it is ongoing. In fact, if the OM stopped for even a microsecond, the whole Universe as we know it would disappear instantly! OM rises from Pure Consciousness, which is primary, and underlies all existence, constantly unfolding as our experience of the Universe’.  Roger Gabriel, (Raghavanand), Chief Meditation Officer written for Chopra Centre.

The second part of the piece contains one of the most important speeches in the history of humankind: ‘I have a dream’ by Martin Luther King Jr. His voice is the music itself, and the piano only creates a simple backdrop for the speech.

The piece culminates in the third part by bringing out a beautiful melody which symbolises love, kindness and beauty which, we hope, will prevail in the universe.

This week I did not want to present you any other pieces of music. When I performed ‘Lo but Hi’ on my tour in the USA, I saw my audience crying and getting very emotional during the performance.

I hope that humanity prevails…

Stay safe and well.



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