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GéNIA's New Release is Out - 'Homecoming' EP - Released 15 December 2023

Composer and pianist GéNIA

I am excited to share my new release - EP 'Homecoming' - with you, released on the 15th December 2023!

GéNIA's new single 'Snowy Fairytale' released 1 December 2023

It contains 5 tracks: Far Away, Light Within, Through the Glass, Snowy Fairytale and Homecoming. These 5 compositions tell a story about someone who is far away, whilst being eagerly awaited at home. Through these tracks, this person gradually makes their way home, hence the first composition is called Far Away and the last one is called Homecoming. You can imagine the ideas which lie behind all these tracks - I will leave it to your understanding.

Available on all the major streaming platforms (Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, Pandora and more), it is released on Karma Sounds Record Label. You can choose the platform of your own liking to stream or download EP.

I would love to hear which stories or images went through your mind, when you were listening to my music! Enjoy!

With love,




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