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GéNIA at the Cockpit Theatre performing in support for Ukraine

On the 5th of December at the Cockpit Theatre in London I shared the stage with the incredible jazz artists in the fundraising concert for Ukraine.

The concert was organised by the renowned jazz harpist Alina Bzhezhinska. The artists who took place wereAdam Teixeira - Drums, Mikele MonTolli - Bass, Niki King - Vocals, Vimala Rowe - Vocals, Alice Zawadzki - Vocals & Violin, Neone the Wonderer - Rap & Vocals, Alex Webb - Piano, Tony Kofi - Saxophone, Muriel Grossman - Saxophone & Flute, EKA - Voice & Bandura Noushy - Trombone & Vocals Colin Alexander - Cello Ruby Rose Lee - Harp.

You can view the clip from the show on my Instagram HERE

30% of the proceeds will be sent ot my charity 'Support Kharkiv Foundation' to support my campaign:

I am currently raising funds to be sent to Kharkiv to provide children 7 - 12 years old (from Kharkiv and de-occupied territories of the Kharkiv region) with a 10 day rehabilitation camp, where they will rest, whilst working with psycologists and teachers from Ukrainian State Institutes. The campaign is supported by the Ukrainian Government and Ukrainian Railways. You can read all about my campaign here.

To send each child there, costs £330. Currently we have funds to send 95 children. There are 150 children registered on the programme, which means that 55 still require funding.

Can you make a contribution towards sending the other 55 children there as well?

Your help will mean a lot!

Thank you!

With love,


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