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GéNIA launches her UK charity 'Support Kharkiv Foundation'

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Dear all,

I am delighted to share with you that finally I managed to launch my own UK charity, which is called 'Support Kharkiv Foundation'

As someone, who was born in Kharkiv and has many dear friends living there, I would like to do everything possible to support the citizens of Kharkiv.

Whilst many big International charities provide support across the Ukraine, I feel that there is a need for localised help, on a simple, practical level. At the moment there is the greatest need for medical supplies, especially for tactical medicine. Especially in the past few days, Kharkiv has come under heavy bombing (as it is positioned to the East of the country where the Russian army is now gathering their forces). Apart from regular rocket attacks, a large number of mines have been scattered on the streets in residential areas, which has made it very dangerous to walk outside. Many civilians have been injured (and some, sadly, killed). There has not been a single day without the city being bombarded since the first day of war (24 February 2022). Therefore I have teamed up with a local charity ‘Kharkiv with You’БФ "Харків з тобою" to help its citizens directly.

Kharkiv is a city which gave birth to, and educated many of the world’s most renowned musicians, artists, scientists, doctors, and other professionals. It was one of the most beautiful cities in Ukraine. Kharkiv has contributed vastly to the world, and now it is time for us to give back to it.

For this purpose I have set-up ‘Support Kharkiv Foundation’,which is a micro-trust in aid of ‘GivingWorks’, a charity registered in England and Wales (charity registration no.1078770).

I have been doing many concerts and private fundraising events, you can read about some on my Foundation Page Here and also in my News HERE

Currently I am working on helping Kharkiv kids who have serious health problems, like cancer, genetic disorders and so on, who already have been invited for free treatments in Europe, but they need to be transported there and this is very costly. Severely ill children, who are in need of major world-class surgery are sent to Italy, Rome and Naples, to the hospitals of the Bambino Gesu network: “IRCCS San Raffaele Roma” ,“Pediatric Hospital Bambino Gesu” and “Ospedale Bambino Gesu di Palidaro”. These hospitals are working under the patronage of Pope Francis.

Almost all components of the projects are free, except for the fuel as they need it for their cars, the cost of travel to Lviv, where 'Kharkiv with You' charity organises a shelter to accommodate and form groups, which includes accommodation and meals. Also the need to cover the costs of the hotels when travelling on the way to the country (they are driving there) , as well as special food for some children, and things like diapers and similar items.

Additionally there are also sometimes unexpected problems; for example, they brought a baby to Italy for surgery as they were told that the surgery would be immediate, but it has been postponed, as the baby was not strong enough and needed time. But for 'Kharkiv with You' these are unaccounted costs, as the mother and child have to live somewhere before the surgery (so they need to take care of the housing and living expenses, whilst the doctors are preparing the child for the operation). Currently there are 80 such children, a total of 120 who are registered in the Programme, with severe pathologies. I have pictures of many ( I will put them on the website).

'Kharkiv with you' has also taken children with autism spectrum disorders to France, and they are

currently in the process of waiting for an invitation from the municipalities to take children with cerebral palsy.

Therefore any help on any level, would be invaluable.

Thank you so much for considering this and your kind offer to help.

These treatments are literally saving lives.

You can contact me to donate directly or chose the platform of your liking from below

I am also continuing my campaign on GoFundMe and, if you prefer, you can donate here:

Thanks again for your help!

It is invaluable.

With love,


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Beautiful work, Genia.

14 de jun. de 2022
Respondendo a

Thank you Ian ❤️ and thanks for your support ❤️

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