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Introducing interventional neurology in Kharkiv, sponsoring Mobile School of Life in Kharkiv region and the Competition at the Kharkiv State Music Lyceum

GéNIA, founder of 'Support Kharkiv Foundation'

As many of you know, I run 'Support Kharkiv Foundation', micro-trust in aid of GivingWorks, a charity registered in England and Wales (charity registration No.1078770), established in support the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, its surrounding regions and its citizens, as the city has undergone destruction on a huge scale during the war in Ukraine.

Below, I'd like to share with you the recent projects undertaken by my charity:

The recent surge in attacks on Kharkiv and its surrounding regions since the beginning of 2024 has escalated the need for urgent medical interventions. Successful surgeries, employing advanced techniques such as thrombolytic therapy and interventional neuroradiology, have become imperative to address various conditions including strokes and arterial injuries, resulting in improved patient outcomes with reduced disability and mortality rates by 70% and 40%, respectively.

However, due to insufficient state funding to procure essential equipment for these innovative procedures, medical professionals rely on the generosity of donors. Through our partnership with the Ukrainian Charity, 'Kharkiv with You', we are working towards introducing interventional neurology into Kharkiv's healthcare system and acquiring vital medical equipment.

This month, thanks to your support, we have saved the lives of 5 patients. Your contributions, whether through donations or spreading awareness, are immensely valuable in sustaining these life-saving efforts. Thank you wholeheartedly!

The doctors of Kharkiv region performing surgery

If you'd like to read more details and help, please visit this link

Project 2: March 2023: Sponsorship of the Mobile Schoo of Life - children education in Kharkiv Region


We're thrilled to announce that the Mobile School of Life team recently conducted a creative writing workshop for children in Khotimlya village, located in the Kharkiv Region. Your support made it possible for us to bring joy to these kids. A big thank you to Nova Ukraine for co-sponsoring this wonderful initiative!

Children of MobIle School, Ukraine

Project 3: Sponsorship of the ‘First Competition For Students of the Kharkiv State Music Lyceum’

In November 2023, the ‘First Competition For Students of the Kharkiv State Music Lyceum’, organised by the charitable foundation "ART UNITES THE WORLD", took place in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Thanks to sponsors and partners, which included myself and our ‘Support Kharkiv Foundation’, the total prize pool amounted to UAH 200,000 (approximately £4,500).

Gratitude to GeNIA & Support Kharkiv Foundation

A portion of the funds was allocated to the competition winners, enabling these young musicians to further their professional development. The remaining portion was dedicated to providing psychological support to the Lyceum's students through organised events led by psychologists.

Students specialising in various music disciplines participated in the competition, which was evaluated by a global jury comprising Lyceum alumni who are now accomplished professional musicians recognised in the industry.

I had the privilege of being invited as one of the jury members. Alongside my esteemed colleagues, I had the honor and responsibility of selecting the top three pianists from a pool of talented young individuals. It was a challenging task to choose the winners from such a diverse array of talents.

This experience inspired me, and gave me hope and faith in the bright musical future of Ukraine. Despite the horrific daily threat to these childrens’ lives, and the terrible reality they are surronded with, the level of skills of these contestants was incredibly high. It was heartwarming to see such a high standard and dedication of these young professionals, performing at an international level, and ready to take on the world with their skills!

Thanks to you and your donations, three young talented musicians have a chance to continue their life's work in the face of war:


Alina Lamziuk - V. Lebedev Prize (oboe) -

Veniamin Andreev - Yevgeny Ivanov Prize (percussion)

Anna Hafych - Mykola Herasymchuk Prize (choir)

Kharkiv competition winners

Let’s not forget that every donation, no matter how small, can make a significant impact. Even the price of a cup of coffee can help save a patient’s life or improve a child’s future.


Thank you for standing by us.

If you'd like to help us further please donate HERE TO HELP CHILDREN and HERE TO SAVE PATIENTS


With heartfelt thanks,

GéNIA & the ‘Support Kharkiv Foundation’

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