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Mindfulness Playlist Week 4: the week of Hope

Dear All,

I hope that after such a long time in quarantine there is a glimpse of hope! However before hope there is an acceptance, with our disbelief and grief slowly settling into the routine of today’s reality. I sincerely hope that you are all keeping well, sending my thoughts to those of you whose families are affected by this tragedy.

Here is some music for your which may brighten your days in the forthcoming week.

One of the compositions, Aphrodite Remix, was produced and remixed by the renowned sound engineer Nigel Heath, a 6 times Emmy nominee and 3 times BAFTA winner, outstanding musician and a personal friend. Morning composition is published here with the kind permission of the Universal Production Music UK.

Close your eyes and let the music guide you… (Press Here to Listen)

With love,


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