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My hour long video interview on Hannah's Judson's 'Beats'!

It was a pleasure to be interviews by the charismatic Hannah Judson on her show 'Beats'.

The interview ended up to lasting quite lengthy, just over an hour, much longer than originally planned.

Hannah loves her guests to be spontaneous and go with the flow, and therefore we chatted about many things, including my life in Paris, my composition process, the concept of Piano-Yoga® and me playing live on the show (which was not planned!).

Below is a link to the interview which is now published on YouTube. The hardest question for me was the one which Hannah asked last: 'What is your super power?' I was taken quite aback with this one, but finally. found an answer; if you'd like to know what it was, just scroll to the end of the video!

With love,



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