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My music composed for Universal Production Music on my YouTube Channel.

In 2019, I composed the album called 'Memory Waves' for Universal Production Music which was released on Chappell Label. This album is less known to my listeners. It consists of ten quite emotional compositions (Sorrows of the Soul, A Prayer, Russian Winter to name just a few).

I am delighted to announce that starting from this Friday, 26th of February, at 9pm GMT, I will be releasing one composition per day every day, for ten consecutive days, on my @geniapianist YouTube Channel with the kind permission of Universal Production Music.

If you'd like to hear it 'fresh' you can set a reminder on each video to watch the Premiere.

If you like the compositions, please consider supporting me by subscribing to my YouTube Channel were I am regularly releasing my recorded and life performances.

Thank you!


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