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My New Single 'Mon Amour' has been released!

Dear All,

I am delighted to announce that my new single 'Mon Amour' (Home Version) has been released. Created especially for Valentine's Day just to remind ourselves, that, especially during a difficult period, it is love, which often carries us through.

❤️If you are thinking of your loved one and would like to make a surprise little present to him or her, this could be this unique gift, which will make your day even more special, especially for those of us, who by some reason, can not be with our loved ones on this day.❤️

🙏I want to thank all of you, my listeners, who supported me during this period. 🙏

'Mon Amour' is very dear to my heart, as it is not only my composition, but also my debut as a producer. We, artists, very often are finding ourselves at the mercy of production teams, as depending on who we work with they can ‘make’ us or ‘break’ us. This is why I think it is very important for artists to know how the process works and experiment themselves, so they can transmit their own voice through their recordings.

This is in no way advice to do everything yourself, as, of course, excellent sound engineers and producers, will always have more knowledge, skills and experience than an artist. However it will allow an artist to choose and expect the best from a production team.

I have been very fortunate in my life to work with the most excellent producers and sound engineers. All I did - kept learning from them, studying their craft. Therefore this production of my single is a ‘culmination’ of my modest acquired skills as a producer and sound engineer.

Big thanks to the incredible Cicely Balston at AIR Studios Mastering for mastering my music as she gave the sound that final touch, which elevated the composition to the next level. Also, special thanks to my dear friend Nigel Heath for consulting me on this project!

'Mon Amour’ is released on all digital channels (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, iTunes, Deezer and many others).

Just follow the links on the left of your chosen platform.

And thanks again for all your support ❤️🙏❤️

with love,

GéNIA ❤️


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