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New Meditation Music Video from GéNIA - Ujjayi

I am pleased to be able to share my new meditation music video of 'Ujjayi' with you. With this video, these slow moving images offer you the opportunity to take time from your busy life and simply relax.

For some of you, these visuals may offer a guide to a simple music mediation technique.

With this new track, I cannot be more grateful and privileged for being able to practice yoga.

Since I was introduced to it, it completely changed my life on all levels. My composition ‘Ujjayi’ is a tribute to it.

Therefore, drawing on my skills as a composer, pianist, producer & yoga teacher, the pace of the track is created to match Ujjayi breathing technique, which is commonly used in Ashtanga yoga practice.

With this composition, I would like to offer you, my audience, some moments of calm and reflection.

The benefits of Ujjayi include lowering blood pressure, conquering nerves and stress management. By offering this composition to you, I hope that this track will bring the sense of peace and harmony into your lives.

You can also stream the track on many platforms world-wide:

Please share this video with your friends and family, if you think that they also can benefit from watching this.

With love and light,




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