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New Radio Show with GéNIA a& Harry Fenn on MWPR

I am so excited to share the news with you about my new radio show, which I just launched together with the wonderful young musician and composer Harry Fenn on MWPR (which stands for Music Without Prejudice Radio). In this show, we are not only sharing our wide musical tastes, but also talking and playing varied choice of music, as well as chatting about many aspects of the music business and education.

I am honoured to be taking part in this wonderful radio station, founded by the legendary producers Tom Allom, Nigel Heath, and Ian Dean. Aired every Wednesday and Sunday at 8pm BST worldwide, we hope that our selection of music will bring some pleasure into your daily life, whilst our relaxed conversation will provide some food for thought! If you have any requests and/or questions, please email them to me, and I will try my best to answer and implement them in our next show. Meanwhile on my Instagram you can hear a little Preview

with love,



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