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New Piano-Yoga® Series for pianists created by GéNIA in collaboration with Steinway & Sons, London!

I am delighted to announce a new series, which was created by myself in collaboration with Steinway & Sons Pianos in London. The episodes are dedicated to promoting and encouraging the well-being of pianists and other musicians!

Some of you may not know this, but in my capacity as a piano educator and a qualified BWY yoga teacher (Brtish Wheel of Yoga), I have created the method called Piano-Yoga® which is designed to help many musicians with their playing, practising and performing. The method takes into account an individual's physic, body and mind, and teachers musicians how to improve, using their physical and intellectual strengths, whilst helping them to work on their weaknesses

For a number of years, I led Piano-Yoga® retreats at Steinway Hall in London, so I was thrilled when Steinways & Sons asked me to create a set of of little yogic routines which musicians could incorporate before, during and after their practice! These routines can also help non-musicians, as they target the body areas which we use when we sit for a long time working at a desk or computer.

Creating these at The Steinway Hall of Fame in London was such an honour and a thrilling experience. Above is a little intro!

Please follow Steinways & Sons YouTube channel to watch each episode.

Any questions? Let me now by leaving your comment underneath this post.

With love and light,



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