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Premieres this Wednesday 20 May: composer Sean Hickey, Senior Vice President of Naxos of America!

Dear All,

I hope you are all feeling safe and well.

Following your warm feedback on the previous episodes of my series ‘Quarantine or Paradise’ which included wonderful guests, the renowned educator and pianist Melanie Spanswick, the ground-breaking and exciting composer, producer and DJ Gabriel Prokofiev, the BBC broadcaster, actress and eminent vlogger Jo Good and the inspirational editor of Pianist Magazine Erica Worth, it gives me great pleasure to introduce my new guest in the forthcoming episode: a thought-provoking composer, who is also Senior Vice President of Naxos of America, Sean Hickey.

Residing in New York, Sean gave me an extensive interview, where we discussed not only his experience of creativity in lockdown, his recent releases and the overview of the catalog of Naxos Music Group (one of the biggest distributors of classical music of today), but also the role of artist in modern society and why contemporary classical music is not so popular these days. At the end of the interview each of us shared some tips on developing creativity in lockdown.

As the interview turned out to be quite long, I broke it into sections in my comments below the episode (on YouTube), so you can listen to them at separate moments in time and find different topics easily. Sean's tips are especially useful for artists (I must implement them myself!) and I would invite any composer or musician to check them out!

The Premiere of the episode will take place this Wednesday, 20 May at 9pm on my YouTube Channel. I will be there for a chat, so please do join me! You can set a reminder or Subscribe to my channel, in order not to miss the episode.

I hope that you are all managing well these days and finding some peace and tranquility in the lockdown wherever you are!

I wish you to remain safe and well!

With love,


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