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'Support Kharkiv' piano concert at Steinway Hall, London!

Dear All,

We all have been affected by this barbaric and tragic war in Ukraine.

You may not know, but I was born and educated in Kharkiv, Ukraine. The Ukrainian city which has been largely on the news and is going through tremendous turmoil due to the Russian invasion in Ukraine.

With the generous help of Steinway and Sons pianos, I have created the ‘Support Kharkiv!’ fundraising concert in order to provide support for the citizens of Kharkiv, the city which is being demolished as I am writing this text. The city is suffering from bombs, rockets, and other attacks on civilian buildings, making citizens hide underground or flee.

There are shortages of medicine, food, and basic care. The city’s infrastructure is constantly being repaired, after being damaged by the Russian army. Many apartments and houses have been destroyed and people had to flee with nowhere to go. The train stations are full and the way to Lviv, the city in the west of Ukraine where the majority of people flee, takes up to 50 hours to reach and is extremely dangerous. Many elderly and sick people are unable to travel, and, therefore, they and their families are staying in the city. Many Kharkiv citizens are simply trapped.

Kharkiv buildings
Kharkiv buildings

I teamed up with the charity 'Kharkiv with You' which is located on the ground there, and they are going to use the funds from the concert to provide humanitarian aid as well as accident and emergency care for Kharkiv citizens. Additionally I am personally in touch with citizens of in Kharkiv on a daily basis. The funds from the concert would enable the charity to provide emergency help, especially for the elderly, as well as medicine, food, and basic care for those in need.

In my artistic work, the majority of what I have shared with you through my music, or, taught through my Piano-Yoga® educational work, I have learned in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Therefore, I feel it is my responsibility to help Kharkiv citizens as much as I can.

If you cannot attend the concert, I set up this campaign to help the citizens of Kharkiv. I invite you to donate generously, but even a small donation will make a big difference.

The one hour concert programme at Steinway Hall includes compositions by: Frederic Chopin, Franz Liszt, Moritz Moszkowski, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Sergej Yushkevitch (Kharkiv resident, who is currently in Kharkiv) and, myself, GéNIA.

Your donations will be greatly appreciated. The recommended donation starts from £25.00 THANK YOU!

Kharkiv block of flats 9/3/2022


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