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The music video of 'Valse à la française' by GéNIA

Dear All,

Tonight, the 30th of December 2021, at 7pm UK time, I am premiering my music video of 'Valse à la française' on my YouTube Channel! You can already set-up a reminder or just subscribe to my channel to be notified!

My peaceful piano music composition ‘Valse à la française’ was inspired by my summer travels in the south of France and is one of the tracks of my forthcoming album ‘Voyages français’. Surrounded by a breath-taking beauty of French nature and a rich French cultural heritage, this composition represents my musical take on a French summer lifestyle, where I used to spend every summer for many years.

'Valse à la francaise' is available on numerous digital channels including Spotify and Apple Music, to order and/or save via the link HERE

You can also obtain the music for this release HERE

With love,




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