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The score of my composition 'St Michelle' is published

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

I am delighted to share with you that the score of my composition 'St Michelle' has been published!

Intimate and serene, it will suit intermediate to advanced players. Available for immediate download from my website, it is a lovely piece to play, especially when one is seeking a moment of peace.

Also, today (23 July 2021) I released my new music video, where you can watch the score of 'St Michelle' together with the music, following it note by note. If you have some questions about the composition and its interpretation, please do leave your comments below (either on YouTube or here) and I will endeavour to answer them!

If you would like to purchase all the 'French" compositions from my upcoming EP 'Voyages Français’

you can obtain them HERE.


With love,

GéNIA ❤️


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