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The video of GéNIA's composition 'Whisper' is released.

Dear all,

Yesterday I published a new music video created to accompany the release of my composition 'Whisper'.

'Whisper’ was inspired by my summer travels in the south of France. Surrounded by breath-taking beauty, ranging from sunrise to sunset, sea views, gorgeous skies, colourful plants and flowers, this composition represents my my musical take on this beautiful environment.

This is one of the compositions of my upcoming album ‘Voyages Français’ which was inspired by my frequent journeys to my beloved France. France was the country where I first started to compose, influenced by the nature, art, local food and, of course, wonderful people whom I met on my journeys. ‘Voyages Français’ album is dedicated to 10 different experiences, memories of which remained with me throughout my life.

If you'd like to add 'Whisper' to your musical library, it is available on numerous digital channels including Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and Apple Music, to order or save via the link:

Thank you ❤️


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