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Update on GéNIA's 'Support Kharkiv' campaign - 18/4/22

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Dear All,

I wanted to update my audience on my campaign and thank those of you who donated either via my GoFundMe campaign or via my concert at Steinway Hall on the 16th of March 2022 for your immense help.

Here is a letter sent on the 1st of April 2022 by the Director of the Charity Foundation ‘Kharkiv with You’ (the charity with which I work in Kharkiv), Olena Rofe-Beketova:

‘Some time ago, I provided the concept of a project to coordinate the efforts of volunteer teams in resolving the issue of helping lonely elderly people who remained in their homes and / or basements of their homes.

However, over time, I see how the situation in the city is changing, and rather quickly: firstly, there are more and more groups of volunteers who help people by bringing food, medicines, etc.; secondly, the city government has taken and is taking over both humanitarian assistance to lonely people, and the functions of coordinating the actions of all participants in the assistance process, in particular, the “hot line” '1535 has appeared and is actively working, where you can call and report your request for help; Telegram bots also appeared with the ability to leave a message asking for help, to which a volunteer of the organization, for example, @Khrkiv_Help_bot, will then respond. Thus, we see that, on the one hand, there are more and more volunteers who are ready to help Kharkiv residents in trouble, and secondly, a system for coordinating the efforts by the city authorities and volunteers is gradually being formed in the city. Among other things, what is happening suggests that after the first panic reaction to the bombing, people are coming to their senses, returning to their more or less familiar lives. In other words, the project activity, as I saw it a week ago, is not relevant at the moment.

At the same time, our organization continues to support medical institutions by buying and transferring medical equipment to them; additionally, we form a system of cooperation with the State Emergency Service of Ukraine (“rescuers”); we form warehouse balances with building materials that have already begun to be used, and in the near future we expect an increase in the number of such applications.

We understand that in the near future - at least two years - the restoration of the city, both its human resource and literally, that is, repairs and the construction of new buildings, will require very great efforts from the public, and city authorities, and public organizations.

We ask for comprehensive support for our activities to participate in such restoration, namely, assistance in financing the purchase of the medical equipment, equipment for the SES (those called "rescuers"), tools and materials for the possibility of repairs in homes, the need for which will be clarified in the course of work.’

As you can see, opening the new emergency line became less urgent, and in fact actually, unnecessary, as the Kharkiv city has taken care of it. However, as you may be aware, especially in the past few days, Kharkiv came under heavy bombing (as it is positioned on the East of the country where Russian army is now gathering their forces). Apart from regular rocket attacks, a large number of mines were thrown on the streets in the living areas, which has made it very dangerous to walk outside.

In her letter of the 10th of April 2022 Olena Rofe -Beketova writes:

Due to the situation in Kharkiv, Kharkiv and neighbouring regions as a result of the Russian aggression, a large number of people are injured in hospitals. We ask you to consider providing our foundation with charitable financial assistance or charitable assistance in the form of medical equipment, medical supplies and consumables, which will be donated as charitable to hospitals. We truly thank you for your time and attention to the situation in Ukraine.

Olena also has included a list of the medical equipment which they are looking to obtain.

As of today, my campaign has raised funds from GoFundMe, the Steinway Hall Fundrasing Concert and private donations. I have sent £7,334.00 to the ‘Kharkiv with You’ charity, so far. These funds have been were spent on medical equipment, including Shadow- free operating lamp, Kirchner spokes (300), Ilizarov spokes (300), sets of implants for osteosynthesis of the shin, femur, humorous, tibia and a set of locking and critical screws NX Medical (20). All this equipment has been sent to the Chuhuiv City Hospital (Kharkiv Region), where a large number of wounded people are currently being held.

The Chuhuiv City Hospital (Kharkiv Region) sent us these pictures with their deep thanks to all of you who donated:

Thank you very much for your help, which is invaluable. Knowing that the funds are going directly to the people who need them, gives some kind of relief in this terrible situation.

With warm regards to you all,



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