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Music Video for GéNIA's 'Landscapes of the Mind' Released

Dear All,

I am excited to share my new video with you for 'Landscapes of the Mind'. Due to the war in Ukraine I simply forgot to share this release with you on my website, which took place on the 7th of May 2022.

This composition was inspired by my frequent travels to France, a country with a great history and culture. As a nation, French people are known for their ability to fight openly for their rights, voicing their demands clearly. I was a witness to numerous demonstrations and political actions during my visits. Interpreting this as the observer, I could not fail to notice the changed atmosphere in such an otherwise harmonious and peaceful surroundings.

‘Landscapes of the Mind’ is one of the tracks from my album ‘Voyages français’.


Whilst our mind often takes us to calm and beautiful places, it also sometimes connects us to our demons and inner turmoil, and this is what this music composition is all about. 


You can listen to the album 'Voyages français' on many digital channels via this link

Thank you for your continuing support and your interest in my music!

I will have more news for you in regards to my concerts and releases very soon!

With love,



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