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12 November, 2019

If you are open to something new and exciting...

Earlier this year GéNIA was invited to give an unusual piano concert for Echoes Festival by the Iberian and Latin American Music Society and Instituto Cervantes London. She will be offering an immersive, holistic concert experience which she describes below:

'The programme is inspired by the Latin composers Domenico Scarlatti, Federico Mompou, Astor Piazzolla and my own compositions from the recently released album 'Babylon', as well as from my new forthcoming album 'Memory Waves' which I recently wrote for Universal Music.

Piano and yoga are two of my biggest passions and, as yoga means union, my goal is to bring my public closer to connect with themselves through listening to the beautiful music of the mystical Mompou, delicate Scarlatti, and exciting Piazzolla whilst inviting you to try various yoga postures and small sequences which I feel will go hand in hand with the music. No previous yoga experience is necessary. Just bring a yoga mat, and an open mind.' There is an option just to listen to the concert and enjoy the complimentary glass of wine kindly provided by Rubero del Duero wine merchant at the reception after the event, where you will have the opportunity to meet GéNIA and ask her questions you may have. Below is the link to book tickets, as well as more detailed information. Spaces are highly limited, so early booking is highly recommended!

We hope this event will leave you transformed, refreshed and ready for the weekend!

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