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Babylon Framed Hand-Written Score and Signed CD Bundle

Babylon Framed Hand-Written Score and Signed CD Bundle

For the ultimate gift, we are offering a gift voucher for a hand-written framed page of GéNIA's popular composition 'Babylon' together with a signed version of her album 'Babylon'.


Hand-written Page

'I compose my music by writing on a piece of paper, following the footsteps of Mozart, Beethoven and Liszt. I compose not only at the piano, but also in a caffes, tube, public trabnsport, parks and many other places. I am offering my fans a unique opportunity to obtain a hand -written page from the score of Babylon or a piece of your choice!' GéNIA


If you would like to get a hand-written score of any other of GéNIA's pubished composition, please email us on We will aim to get you the score within 10 business days.


The frame size is 23cm (width) x 32 cm (height) and can be free standing or wall mounted, as it has an appropriate hook.


Babylon Album

Released on the 29 March 2019, the album is offering 12 piano solo compositions. 


GéNIA chose the name 'Babylon' for her album as a reference to the historical period during which the glowing Babylon region progressed to the most advanced level, developing culture, art, science, architecture, commerce and other disciplines only to be destroyed by it's own residents. Known for its famous wonders of the Hanging Gardens, the highest centre of learning and scientific advancement, beautiful development of arts and one of the most successful commercial centres, Babylon had fame and fortune for many years. However, citizens of the regions were never satisfied and wanted autonomy to gain more control over their part of the land, and, finally, through continuous wars they managed to demolish this highly developed civilisation and prevent the advancement in the fields of arts and science.


By drawing the attention to the past, GéNIA hopes, that her audience will become more aware of the processes through which our society is going through today and be able to recognise these similar patterns in order to prevent the decline of the current highly adavnced cultural, scientific and economic state which we achieved today and deserve to celebrate and harness.

  • Return Policy

    We are afraid we are not offering any returns on this item, as it will be made specifically for your order!

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