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Five scores of GéNIA's Music

Five scores of GéNIA's Music

With the option of choosing either two, four or seven scores, you will be able to play pieces from GéNIA's albums ‘Dreams of Today, Thoughts of Tomorrow’, ‘Babylon’ and forthcoming 'Voyages Français' album for yourself and family and friends. For the month of December, you can purchase two scores for £10, four scores for £15, five scores for £20 and seven scores for only £30.


Once you made a purchase please email us on which scores you would like us to send to you! 


Scores Include:

Coffee with Milk

Watch on YouTube ( live performance)


Sweet Memories

Watch on YouTube (music video)


The Last Dance

Watch on YouTube (live performance)


London - Paris

Watch on YouTube  (live performance)


Past Love

Watch on YouTube


Autumn Blues

Watch on YouTube (recording)



Watch on YouTu