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GéNIA - Claude

GéNIA - Claude


‘Claude’ forms a part of GéNIA’s new EP ‘Voyages Français’. This peaceful piano music is the first composition in this series. The EP ‘Voyages Français’ was inspired by GéNIA‘s frequent journeys to her beloved France. France was the country where GéNIA first started to compose, influenced by the nature, art, local food and, of course, wonderful people who she met on her journeys.


‘VVoyages Français’ EP is dedicated to 5 different experiences, memories of which remained with the composer throughout her life. The inspiration behind ‘Claude’, a mysterious, slightly meditative piece comes from GéNIA spending lovely summer nights in the South of France, where she was performing and composing. Sitting under the starry summer night sky, looking into the sea, she was deeply moved by the stillness and beauty of nature. Claude was GéNIA’s friend, who invited her on that particular trip and introduced her to this wonderful experience, and therefore the composition is dedicated to him.


'Claude' is available on numerous channels, including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, iTunes and may others. It can be obtained viw​


The piano score is aimed for the advanced beginners though advanced players. 

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