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Three Scores of GéNIA's Music

Three Scores of GéNIA's Music

With the option of choosing either two, four or seven scores, you will be able to play pieces from GéNIA's albums ‘Dreams of Today, Thoughts of Tomorrow’, ‘Babylon’ and forthcoming 'Voyages Français' album for yourself and family and friends. During this holiday season, you can purchase three scores for £10, four scores for £15, five scores for £20 and seven scores for only £30.


Scores Include:

Coffee with Milk

Watch on YouTube (Live Performance)


Sweet Memories

Watch on YouTube (Music video)


The Last Dance 

Watch on YouTube (Live Performance)


London- Paris 

Watch on YouTube (Live Performance)


Past Love

Watch on YouTube  (Live Performance)


Autumn Blues *

Watch on YouTube (Audio recording)



Watch on YouTube (Music video)


Mon Amour (Home Version) (Music video)


Vicious Circle (Music & score) 



Watch on YouTube: (Music & score)



Watch on YouTube (Music & score)


St Paul

Watch on YouTube (Music & score)


St Michelle

Watch on YouTube (Music & score)


Lever du Soleil

Watch on YouTube (Music & score)

  • What's Next

    Please send us your choice of scores to: and we will email you the scores in PDF format.

  • Returns and Cancellation Policy

    Electronic Products once purchased and downloaded are not returnable. These Products include but may not be limited to downloadable e-books, downloadable recordings, downloadable tickets. Due to the nature of the electronic Products offered you agree not to exercise any right of return or cancellation once downloading has commenced.

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