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Voyages français - Limited Edition CD

Voyages français - Limited Edition CD

Limited edition CD of GéNIA's new album 'Voyages français'. Only 200 copies of the album have been created and will be numbered and stamped with GéNIA MUSIC stamp.


The album ‘Voyages français’ was inspired by GéNIA's frequent journeys to France, the country where she first started to compose, influenced by the nature, art, local food and, many wonderful people whom she met on her journeys.


The ‘Voyages français’ album is a kind of musical diary, very personal and intimate. It is dedicated to the composer’s ten different experiences travelling to France, memories of which will remain with her throughout her life.


All the music has been composed, performed and produced by GéNIA.

The composition 'Valse å la française' recently appeared in the highly acclaimed BBC America series 'Killing Eve' (Season 4) and the composition 'Claude' in the ITV psychological drama series 'Close to Me'.


Three tracks from the album 'Whisper for Piano and Voice', 'Landscapes of the Mind' and 'Where am I?' were co-produced with Hayden Parsey. The album was mastered by Cicely Balston at AIR Studios, London.

The cover photo was taken by GéNIA's god-mother Darcie Gage, the design of the album was made by Chris from Colors. The lyrics from the bonus track 'Whisper for Piano and Voice' were written by GéNIA's mother, Olga.


Track Listing:

1. Valse à la française

2. Jean

3. Where Am I?

4. Voyages français

5. Lever du Soleil

6. St Paul

7. Claude

8. St Michelle

9. Whisper

10. Landscapes of the Mind

11. Whisper for Piano and Voice (lyrics by Ola D) - Bonus Track


Total Time: 40:35

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