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Winter Bundle: Book and Video Tutorial

Winter Bundle: Book and Video Tutorial

For the ultimate gift, we are offering a voucher for GéNIA's video tutorial and book combined. For only £75 you will receive 4.5 hours of guidance in the form of a multi-stage video tutorial, as well as a digital copy of GéNIA’s acclaimed ‘Transform Your Hands: A Complete Ten-Week Course of Piano Exercises.’


Link and code to video tutorial will be sent to you upon purchasing. The book you will obtain instantaneously. 


About 'Transform Your Hands' Book:


'Transform Your Hands' is a unique hand and finger workout that will do more for your technique than hours of practising pieces: the muscles of your hands will become much stronger and in turn your finger flexibility should increase. By the end of the first two weeks you may start noticing changes and as the programme continues your span on the keyboard may also increase. Your hands may even feel and seem larger!

These exercises can be especially beneficial to people with smaller hands and you may even be able to start playing the pieces that you have always wanted to.

The whole approach of this book is influenced by the ancient practice of yoga. Being a practitioner myself, I used the holistic principles and approach of yoga as the foundation of this course.

All the exercises are simple and will suit anyone who plays the piano from advanced-beginner to intermediate and advanced level. With the correct approach you should feel connected physically, mentally, and spiritually to your instrument.



About 'Transform Your Practice' Video Tutorial:


The course covers practical piano and musical advice, physical exercises, meditations, and breathing exercises designed to help you be more productive and efficient in your day-to-day practice sessions. The video lasts 4 hours 28 minutes, and is structured as 11 separate stages, with accompanying PDFs and exercises.

Educational Content Included:

  • Techniques to help improve and master concentration.
  • Physical exercises to help you to get ready for playing your instrument.
  • Techniques for discovering your real motive for playing the piano.
  • Techniques for evaluating your progress.
  • Techniques to help you set up your goals.
  • Guidance on how to plan your practice session.
  • Suggested plan for a 3 hour practice session.
  • Suggested plan for a 2 hour practice session.
  • Suggested plan for a 1 hour practice session.
  • List of suggested piano technique exercises.
  • How to establish the 3 stage learning process.
  • How to develop your practice diary.
  • Strategies for troubleshooting (when you practice, but it doesn’t work).
  • Ideas on how to share your music with your loved ones.
  • Ideas on how to reward yourself after learning and mastering a piece of music.


Watch the preview here:

  • What's Next

    Once you purchase the voucher, you will be able to download the book straight away upon completion of the purchase. We will follow with the unique access code to access the tutorial. You will have access for twelve months to stream the material at any time at any place.

    Watch the preview here:


    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch! 

  • Return / Cancellation Policy

    Please note that electronic products  and online video tutorials once purchased and downloaded in case of the book and /or provided with the access code are not returnable. These Products include but may not be limited to downloadable e-books, downloadable recordings, downloadable tickets. Due to the nature of the electronic Products offered you agree not to exercise any right of return or cancellation once downloading has commenced.

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