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Wed 22 Oct 2014
The money raised from the concert will allow UNICEF to school 560 girls for one year in one of the following countries: Guinéa, Mozambique, Togo, Malaisie or Madagascar.
Fri 08 Aug 2014
In addition to GéNIA’s performance next month in Nice, she will be heading to Cote d’Azur for the first time to host two Piano-Yoga® masterclasses! The first will be held on 3rd September in Nice and the second on 4th in Monaco.
Tue 29 Jul 2014
Composer and DJ Gabriel Prokofiev is set to release 'Select Classical Works 2003-2012' in July 2014, containing four of his previous collaborations with GéNIA.
Fri 18 Jul 2014
GéNIA has just released the next in her series of live videos for 'The Last Dance'
GéNIA returns to Schott Music for an all new Piano-Yoga workshop programme!

Welcome to the website of GéNIA, concert pianist, composer and educator. Known for her contemporary and classical music concerts as well as multimedia events, GéNIA is a driving force in new music, injecting a modern twist into the classical music scene. You can order a signed copy of GéNIA's new Limited Edition EP 'Dreams of Today, Thoughts of Tomorrow' by clicking on the image below.

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" outstanding musician… she knows how to communicate with her audience, and has the virtuosity that marks her out as a natural pianist." - The Times

GéNIA released her new album 'Thoughts of Today, Dreams of Tomorrow' earlier this year. Since then it has been played on BBC Radio, performed on various concert platforms and was also played in all Caffe Nero (coffee house) branches worldwide. 

Now playing in Caffe Nero